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Turning a Pandemic Situation into Helping Those in Need

Humanity Heroes went into plandemic mode vs panic mode during COVID-19 lockdown to help people in need and charity organizations in Los Angeles.

More than a year ago, California went into lockdown. Now, as businesses slowly begin reopening their doors, we’re seeing a cultural shift in charity organizations and community members supporting each other to be #StrongerTogether.

The uptick of local grassroots nonprofits coming together during this time is evident, as “Mutual Aide” partnerships sprout throughout the Los Angeles area and across America. Through a highly localized approach, an increasing number of people have adopted a larger understanding of the benefits of volunteering. They’re utilizing their professional network, and tapping into personal connections to support their communities.

Looking for some community inspiration?

Check out some of the main benefits of our community food drive event for 2021, where we’ve continued helping people in need during our ongoing pandemic.


Localized Approach To Help During the Pandemic

As the pandemic hit Lynwood, CA, teachers began to notice a devastating trend in their community. Children in their classes were going hungry, as an increasing number of their parents lost their jobs.

One teacher, Mrs. Casas, was so moved by what she saw, it inspired her to spring into action.

She started by putting food on the table for 70 local parents and children…

And it quickly spiraled into a large-scale community movement.

Mrs. Casas began partnering with the local Los Angeles County Food Bank to provide 1,000 people with food boxes and hygiene supplies in seven months.

Needless to say, once Humanity Heroes heard about her mission, we it would be the perfect cause to support.

And together with five other local organizations, we supported a COVID-19 food drive to feed 1,000 families in the Lynnwood area.

The demand was higher than you could have imaged.

Before the event even began, the food drive car line was always packed around the block.

And after seeing just how many people were in need in this community, we donated 500 backpacks filled with life-giving supplies!

Coincidentally, this Lynwood food drive fell on Women’s Appreciation Day. One of the recipients reached out to Humanity Heroes to share her experience:

“I received a Humanity Heroes Backpack the weekend of Women Appreciation Day. I honestly felt emotional as I went through the contents of the backpack which in my opinion were carefully thought out. So thorough, each item making my days just that much easier to deal with. Thx again💛
Just wanted to say thank you to all involved with Humanity Heroes, you are appreciated.”

Testimonials like these remind us what a powerful difference we can make…

Simply by stepping up to help people in need.


Volunteering to Help During the Pandemic

And rallying around a community doesn’t just have a profound impact on those in need…

It also speaks to the benefits of volunteering as well.

Ronald Tso, a recent Humanity Heroes volunteer, shared his experience helping the community at the Lynwood food drive…

And why he decided to show up.

“In my earlier 20’s all I thought about was myself, ‘me, me, me,’ and as I got older, I learned it is important to give back to the community,” Ronald says. “It feels good to help those that are in need and who are less fortunate, especially while trying to recover from this pandemic.”


Leveraging Skills to Help People in Need

The pandemic has also presented an opportunity for people to apply their skills to a worthy cause.

Take a look at Nestor as an example…

A coffee connoisseur who founded “Helping Hands Coffee.”

He founded this non-profit to help those affected by the pandemic…

And throughout the year, he’s hosted local charity events to help people in need.

Nestor made a wonderful partner during the Lynwood Food Drive, and inspired us all to discover new ways we can apply our talents to help those in need.

Learn about other ways that Humanity Heroes has helped during the pandemic read more here: “Helping People and Community Organizations through Mutual Aide”.

If you would like to host a charity fundraiser with Humanity Heroes you can go to our Honorarium Dedication Fundraiser page and sign up today.

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