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Culture + Cause + Community = Increased Happiness

Helping people and giving back is our DNA because “Compassion Is Our Power”

It’s a fact.

The single best way to promote inner happiness?

Giving back to others and helping people in need.

And not only is is the key to increase happiness within ourselves…

But when you can infuse your passions into uplifting your communities…

You’ll also often inspire others to do the same.

At Humanity Heroes, this passion manifests itself in two different ways.

First, we support our vision of ending the homelessness humanitarian crisis by providing Humanity Packs to people in need.

But a huge part of our mission is inspiring OTHERS tap into their inner humanitarian…

And donating to other charities to support their causes.

Now, sometimes, some internal soul searching can help us realize where we want to focus our efforts.

Other times, we’re struck by a reality that we can’t ignore.

And for some people, it’s a combination of that internal and external changes that drive us into action.

This is exactly what happened for our founder and CEO, Michael ‘BigMike’ Straumietis.

After getting hit hard by what he saw in Skid Row, he made it his mission to provide as much help as possible to the homeless suffering throughout Los Angeles County.

This mission birthed Humanity Heroes…

And has attracted more than 700 volunteers to its cause.

You can read more about his inspiring story here.


Creating Community Through Mutual Aid Partnerships

Since 2016, Humanity Heroes has partnered with 30 other organizations to foster mutual aid partnerships…

Each of which helps people in need in their own unique way.

Throughout the years, we’ve discovered that working with other nonprofits can help engender appreciation, deepen gratitude, and empower communities…

While increasing the impact that each one has on helping people in need.

Want to learn more about how Humanity Heroes partnered with other organizations to support communities during the pandemic? Watch the videos below:


2020 COVID-19 Facemask Donation “Heroes Deserve Masks” Campaign


2020 COVID-19 Hygiene Kit Donation


2021 Wildfire Donation


2021 Colorado Donation


2021 Michigan Donation


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