Use Your Power For Good

By creating a Humanity Heroes fundraiser, you enable your team to reveal their inner-heroes. Many organizations choose to match donations, which has been shown to boost retention and improve image.

And most important of all, every dollar donated to Humanity Heroes goes directly toward the purchase of items to help the homeless and their support systems.

Humanity Heroes Fundraisers are a socially conscious way to bring your team together while giving back to your local community.

Partner with us, share your humanity and improve the lives of the homeless in your community.

Start A Heroic Campaign

Every organization has heroes who are hiding in plain sight. You’d be surprised just how many people are excited and engaged by philanthropic endeavors. We can work with you to engage your employees in our charitable drives.

By creating a Humanity Heroes fundraiser (with the option for your company to match employee donations) you can boost morale and give your team a common cause to unite behind.


Start A Heroic Campaign

We’re excited to connect with you. Please send us a message below and we will reach out ASAP help you set up a Humanity Heroes Fundraiser!

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