Improving Quality of Life For the Homeless


We Are
The Heroes

Humanity Heroes is a non-profit organization that takes a hands-on approach to help ease the suffering of the homeless.


The Situation

On any given night there are an estimated 553,742 homeless in the United States. Over 35% of these suffering people are living on the streets without basic sanitation, first aid, or adequate protection from the elements. 

What We Do

Our Direct Action campaigns give much-needed resources directly to the people living on the streets of skid row. To date, we have provided over 9,000 of our “Humanity Packs” filled with living supplies to homeless on the streets and in shelters.

How You Can Help

There are three ways you can work with Humanity Heroes to assist us in our mission: Donate, Volunteer, and Partner with us to help ease the suffering of the thousands of homeless living on the street.

Heroes Have Donated


Packs Of Living Supplies

Directly To The Homeless

The “Humanity Pack”

We carefully equip each Humanity Pack with a huge assortment of living supplies, protective items, and sanitary items that significantly improve the quality of life for homeless people.

Together We've Created


Clean Shaves

For The Homeless


Show Your Humanity with a Heroic Gift! Your contribution provides items that make life on the streets safer, more sanitary, and less painful.



Is there a hero inside you? Volunteer today, share your humanity, and join our heroes in helping and protecting the homeless.



Does Your Organization Practice Charitable Giving? Partner with us and boost engagement while helping your community.


Join Hands With Us

Our Heroes make a REAL difference
to the lives of thousands of homeless
people across the country.

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